Our Story

It started with prayer with a small group of folks.  A year later, on Mother’s Day 2010, The Crossing was born.  God gave us a vision of a church that reaches out to help people experience a transformation that results in their being more Christ-like.  This is an “inside-out” work.  We believe this is possible for everyone and offer this Divine Promise.

Our vision is simple:  Discipleship.  Our mission is singular:  servanthood.  Our goal is you:  Having a life experience that will L.A.S.T.  ( Loved,  Accepted, Strengthened, and Transformed!)   

Loved and overflowing with God’s love.
Accepted as truly a member of God’s family.
Strengthened to serve in His Kingdom.
Transformed by Christ, the King.

We want the Kingdom of God to grow.  It will grow if people’s lives become lives that L.A.S.T.!!  

“Really living l.a.s.t.s eternally!”

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